E.catalogue and propagation of the brand

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Euro-truck.it is a website aimed at promoting a specific company brand. The communication has been studied based on the target of the final consumer, represented by truck drivers who should wear the hoof euro-truck.
Consequently, it was built an opening movie that relates a rolling road, long distances and the comfort of the shoe, for those who do the job dell'autotrasportatore.
At the end of the animation movie automatically invokes the footwear detailed by means of a hypertext system which highlights the footwear under the profile photographic and technical.
The sales target real footwear retailers are safety footwear which is making available a detailed data sheet of the shoe with the possibility to download the pdf.
The site has been designed with a separate portability between desktop and mobile devices. The site automatically recognizes your navigation device, if it comes to the desktop, sending a version designed to give greater emotional impact of the communicative elements; portability Mobile version is guaranteed by a dedicated version and accessible from tablets and smartphones.