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Ecommerce Boutique Domizioli

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Domizioli1947.com is a boutique Maceratese with three physical outlets, who has decided to internationalize the sale of its products via the web.
The e. Commerce is set in two languages, English and Italian, with a high degree of portability mobile and desktop, synchronized with three ebay stores:
The ebay marketplace are set respectively in Italy, England and Germany.
The setting of the English marketplace allows you to automatically propose products on the market also briliant U.S. and Canada.
The navigation system of the site, by means of an intro, directs the navigation to men and women. The two departments are characterized by a dedicated communication line and a unique navigation for gender.
The menu is built with two taxonomic levels: category and sub-category.
The product list is navigable by means of a system availability of filter products.
The filters take into account the availability of the product: eg. in the category Footwear, size 37 remain visible only those brands that have availability. Conversely, filtering the marks will be returned only sizes available.
A board-level product you can enlarge the details of the product by means of a system of zooming. The product is automatically correlated with the list of products of the same brand.
As you navigate the site-wide list of product and product data sheet, is added to an area at the foot 'of the page with the last visited products.
If a product is purchased, it is recalculated for availability and shared automatically with active shops.
If the availability of the product goes to zero, the product is automatically depubblicato from all the shops and positioned in a list managed by the administrator.