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Bellearti.net e.commerce is a project whose advice begins with the selection of the domain.
The platform is particularly adapted to the needs of commitenza.
The content structure is divided into taxonomic categories articulated and structured.
The main navigation menu is composed of three levels of depth-away.
Each area of ​​the website is optimized for search engines.
The intermediate sections by category navigation gradually lead to major brands.
The products are positioned below the level of the marks in a comparison list between bulk and packaged.
The system allows you to put in shopping cart already at the level of the product list.
The user can choose more products in order to proceed in a single solution purchase.

In the paintings customized the user has the option to build your own customized product.
The product is generated based on the characteristics defined by the purchaser.
The user chooses once the parameters such as length and width, type, trim, fabric and assembly generates a quote to which acceptance is the creation of a customized product to put in your shopping cart.

In terms of SEO your site is linked dynamically to webmaster tools and google adwords.