Electronic catalog Exena safety footwear

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Exena.it is a website based on an electronic catalog of safety footwear, suitable for making shopping cart.

The administrator can manage own products, technical specifications, categories and highlight on the home page the news ulitme

The product can be enlarged since the display on the home page. The detailed study of the articles takes place at the data sheet.

The data-sheet is organized in several fields that allow a rationalization of the description, it is also possible to attach pdf file downloaded from the sales target of the site.

The site is portable across all devices. The porting system varies depending on the device used for display. Tablets and smart phones get an optimized version of the display.

The site contains a CRM system for tracking of entries organized by geographic area and type of request and allows you to segment your email marketing activities on specific targets.

The area of ​​news management allows you to enter the latest news and propagate through banner in later sections of the site.