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Mymarca: e-commerce portal Marche Macerata

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www.mymarca.it - www.mymarca.com

Mymarca is a e.commerce operating in the province of Macerata with a high level of complexity with mobile and desktop portability.
Organized in products and topic pages related to each other.
The home page is composed of a system Parallax horizontal navigation which provides a sliding effect to multiple levels.
It has two levels of menus at both the header that a pie 'page. The menu "high" is a mega menu at three levels, while the menu "low" opens a drop down to 2 levels.
Using the menu you access the top products of the site divided into a list with taxonomic effects java script for the presentation of text content that opens onto the "hover" iconography.
At the level of the product list is present a level of navigation for taxonomies filters to exclusion.
The product sheet is organized tab and provides levels of interactivity to request contextual information about your product and bilateral link with social.
The product sheet provides a level of mutual correlation with the thematic area of ​​the site.
The "menu below" allows access to thematic sections represented by a top-level summary, with java script driven by positioning the mouse on the iconography functional opening a brief summary.
The card issue is related with the products and offers a gallery of photos in the header and a presentation slide down the right area.
The e-commerce is in two languages ​​to which access is based on the domain: Mymarca.it for the Italian area, Mymarca.com for the area english. Translations are linked to google translate and can be inserted automatically.
The products are synchronized with three separate stores ebay through ebaysync.

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